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Nov. 20th, 2010


(no subject)

cant wait until the 25th of december..... not for the whole christmas thing but for the much needed time away from work...... i wont have to go back to work til the 4th january thats a whole 10 day break and it cant come quick enough

i would very much like to skip the whole christmas thing this year, i've had 27 of them i think that enough

Aug. 11th, 2010


(no subject)

tomorrow i start my Frontline management coarse heres to hoping i havent bit off more than i can chew!!!!!
i'm hoping it will be interesting and engaging, thought provoking and not at all mind numbing... and to be quite honest i really hope there isnt too much homework... although i suspect there will be.

Aug. 5th, 2010


caught off guard

wow crazy intense day. first off i get to work and the medication PCA hasnt turned up so there is only a short shift person on. i quickly sort the pills out and give em to the residents then just as i have finished with administering all the medications i turn around an BAM! there is this woman there being introduced to me as such and such from the acceditation agency!!!!! oh hells bells we are having an unannounced visit F U C K!!!!!!

so my medication advisory meeting went out the window and it was time to turn on super professional CARE LEADER mode(hahahaha). it was quick distracted her while i go double check everything is in order. then i find out the RAO has called in sick (SHIT SHIT SHIT) and what is she looking at staffing! of all days for her to come we are short on the floor and the RAO is not there and we were not able to cover either of them DAMN! and then she would be looking at clinical care (why oh why did we have to get an accreditor who was an RN!!!)

thank god the manager turned up with lili from the other facility to give us a hand. rest of my day was spent check treatment sheets, BP's, BSL's, U/A results and all that jazz. come the afternoon she was ready for me and i spend 3 hours with her going through all our clinical stuff, along with the care plans and resident assessments.... thank god she let me pick which files she was going to look at, i craftily gave her the ones that were not so trashed. but she still found things to pick at, i guess she has to earn her money. the few things that were picked up are easily fixed but i am still going to bullocks the girls tomorrow, i dont think they realise how stupid i feel when i have been talking about how great the girls are at what they do to then have something shown to me that has not been followed plus then i have to come up with a solution before she leaves to ensure we dont get a non-compliant!! but we got through it, she was happy with the place with just a few issues that she is going to put in as additional informations with no non-compliants (cut to me and the management team doing a happy dance in the managers office)

tomorrow will be filled with me fixing the issues giving the girls a bit of a lecture.... and losing another day of my work to fixing others fuck ups. oh well at least its over with for awhile and we didnt have the weeks of crazy anticipation where we all lose our heads. it was swift, in and out in 8 hours.

Aug. 4th, 2010


Pools of sorrow, waves of joy

so the quitting smoking didnt work :( majorly bummed that i went back to it but i just completely lost my mind, i couldnt get through more then a few hours without feeling miserable and i kept crying for no reason that i could determine.... but i will win the battle in the end, i have decided that i am gonna sort my shit out at work, get everything under control, so that the things i can control are well sorted then i will give it another crack, i might even take some holidays while i try to give up.... the only down fall for that is that when i go back to work i might just start again. so really not too sure if i want to do it that way, its prolly best if i just do it while i'm doing my usual routine.

everyone is completely feral at the moment, i dont know if it just me but it seems like everyone is throwing knifes at me, maybe i am just reading too much into what people are saying or maybe i am just feeling sensitive at the moment. i dont know but the comments that i used to be able to laugh off and not think about are really getting my back up. i cant work out they are worse insults/comments or if its the way i'm reacting but all i know is that i have been getting a wee bit aggressive in my mannerisms when challenged about the same old same old.

work is shitting me or rather, the constant tug of war with the girls is driving me nuts. i mean i think i am pretty easy going, i listen to their issues i try to work them out to make things easier for them, but sometimes i feel like i am banging my head up against a wall. and for the most part i end up doing most of the things myself, its just easier and i know it is done. but it means more stress on me to get everything done. sometimes i feel completely overwhelmed, for the most part i am the only one there the RN and the manager are only there for a few hours so i have to make the split decisions, or i ring the other facility and have to wait for a call back and in the end have to make the decision as i havent been called back. everyone refers to me as "the boss" which drives me nuts. but then on the other hand i feel fulfilled and like i am getting somewhere.

in the last week or two i have had to rewrite the roster 4 times and then today again as one of the girls resigned, so know i'm all man was it because of ME (i know narcissistic much). i guess you never understand the pressure on "management" until your one of them.

though life has been pretty great lately. i went to Melbourne and seen the Tim Burton exhibition. it was AMAZING!!!!!!!! i had such a fun weekend celebrating my girlie star Amylea's birthday and chillin' with my Melbourne girls was an added bonus. but geez that exhibition was really worth the expensive ass airfares i had to shell out. wandering around lost in a world of Burton for hours is just so inspiring, his creativity is beyond words <3 <3 <3

Jun. 9th, 2010


(no subject)

every morning when i drag myself outta bed i say to myself that i will go to bed early tonight and every night when the clock ticks over to midnight i think fuck i'm gonna be tired in the morning.

will i ever learn tee hee hee :P

May. 16th, 2010


(no subject)

crazy hectic days at work but i am enjoying every minute of it, i dont care that i am usually not finished on time... my job feels good and right again :)

the next 2 weeks are gonna be crazy with 2 internal reviews coming up both needing my attention but it will be worth it!

life is GREAT at the moment.

May. 9th, 2010


HEY leave my MUM alone...... all right!!!!!

I'm terribly upset about mum getting attacked at work yet again... and on mothers day of all days. This is the second Major attack the same alcoholic resident has carried out on my mother. The first being about 2 weeks ago where he entered her office and tried to stab her with a chef's knife that he had gone down the local shops to buy, luckily mum was quick and was able to get the knife out of his hand, which resulted in mum being strangled until the maintenance man happened to walk passed the office and got the guy to let go of mum.

For the last few weeks little incidents have been happening like the man trying to stand over mum and intimidate her, threats and yelling.

But today he went into mum's office and hit her in the head with a 750ml bottle of Gin then proceeded to punch her, of cause mum was on her own and she had to work out how to get him off her, how to get him away from her. And because she is a nurse we are not technically allowed to hit the residents so she was left with trying to get him to lose his balance.

Thank god mum's boss is making her put in a police report this time, i dont care if he is old and an alcoholic he KNOWS that what he is doing is wrong. After the first attack, like 2 days later he calmly said to mum "are you scared of me now"? So yeah he knows what he is doing and he should be charged for it.

I get its part of the job, fuck i have been attacked a few times but it's different as it's MY MUM, i didnt care to much about the violence that has been chucked my way but i can hear in mum's voice that it effects her, come on can you imagine going to work everyday and not knowing if you are gonna get hit, and this guy is sooooo focused on mum, most of his outburst are directed at her......

Nurses we look after your sick, your frail, we bring your children into the world and look after your parents/grandparents/babies and yet we are under paid, over work and on top of all that you abuse us, you hit, punch, bite, scratch, throw things at us and for the most part we dont complain, we suck it up put a smile on our face and continue the fuck on. But sometimes i think why the hell do we put up with alll the shit...... the answer: the positives REALLY do outweigh the negatives on most days

May. 7th, 2010


under pressure

i feel like one of those balls in the middle of a game of squash.... bouncing around all over the place, the minute i start on a task along comes a huge fucking squash racket to hurtle me on to another task.

i think i have about 20 project that i need to get finished tomorrow, hears to hoping no more get thrown my way, i'm pretty sure if i am left to my own devices with as little interuptions as possible i just might get them completed before knock off time but if not i guess i will stay until the MOST important ones (or atleast the ones i have decided must be completed and in place by monday) are done before i venture home.... and if i feel up to it i might pop in on the weekend and do a bit (i hope it done so i dont feel like i have to)

really enjoying working with the new manager and emma being there more often however with the managers position being made redundant and the new manager actually being the manager of another facility it makes my role at the facility much more intense and it now carries a great deal more responsibility. feel a little overwhelmed but not engulfed like i have in the past. the communication with the new boss is so much easier and it feels more like a team effort then it has for the last 2 years......

hears hoping it all works out, that we can get all these new processes in place and working effectively and get the girlies working together and a more cohesive manner

May. 4th, 2010


(no subject)

massive work overload!!!! the pitfall of new management means that i am reviewing all of our practices and bringing them in line with what another facility is doing.... crazy amount of my time is devoted to updating forms and changing formatting, condensing, reworking, renewing, totally discarding things and bringing brand new things in. while having the aggrivation of the care staff rallying against change..... give it a few weeks and it should all be settled down and should be nice an smooth running like clock work **fingers crossed*

however the next three days i have to devote to clinical care, going through all the documentation and checking all the policies and procedures are being followed to the letter as we are having an audit next week

on top of that emma and i have had to re-work the roster so many times its just not funny anymore.... that silly thing drives me mental

but i am enjoying the challenges, well atleast most of the time tee hee hee. that week off was definitely what i needed :)

May. 1st, 2010


(no subject)

amazing night.... front row seats to see Ross Noble :D at the IPAC gee i needed a good laugh and i didnt stop all night... though it got a little dicey when he spotted a girl in the third row having a nap only to find out she was on gate leave for the night from hospital... greatest excuse in the world when being pressed by a comedian. too bad the show is sold out for tomorrow night or i would be snapping up another ticket

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